Get TDU Hoodies and Jackets in Time for the Holidays

You can give the gift of Teamster and TDU pride this holiday season with new TDU hoodies and jackets.

The zip-up hoodies feature a large TDU logo on the back and the Teamster horseheads on the front.

The hoodies are $35, plus $3 for shipping.

The jackets are satin-finished, with either a quilted lining, or a lighter flannel lining. They feature a large TDU logo on the back and the Teamster horseheads on the front.

We’ve lowered the price for the quilted jackets: $95, plus $5 for shipping. The flannel-lined jacket is $85, plus $5 for shipping.

Stay warm and show off your TDU colors this season in these heavy-weight, union-made and printed items. Order your hoodies and jackets today to get them in time for the holidays.

Click here to order a TDU hoodie.

Click here to order a quilted TDU jacket. 

Click here to order a flannel-lined TDU jacket.

Click here to browse the TDU store.

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