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Stand Together

We absolutely need to stand together and vote no. The attempt to get a good contract that was apparently voted in favor of unanimously by our Teamster officials is baffling. We need to send a message to UPS that they may persuade the Teamster reps, but not us. This is our union and we need to keep it strong for others who depend on their unions. We need to say it loud and clear from all the UPS Freight terminals who are deciding to fight the fight and vote NO.

Eddie Byrd
Local 957, Dayton, Ohio
UPS Freight

Strong Leadership

How can we hope to have a strong organizing campaign and battle anti-union politicians for friendly labor legislation if we can't win a strong contract? Teamsters need strong leadership to do great things and enforceable contracts are at the heart of a strong union.

Kevin Musgrove
Local 30, Jeannette, Penn.

What Happened?

Remember five years ago when you turned in that card hoping for a better future? Well, what happened? Not even a 3 percent raise to cover cost of living. Mediocre healthcare plan. No new language in the grievance procedure. Smoke and mirror pension plan that will actually lose money over time because there is no variable for inflation. And to top it all off let's create a new classification so we can pay 42 cents a mile to do road work! What happened to equal pay for equal work? I foresee all of the same issues happening all over again and no efficient way to grieve them. It’s time the union stays true to their word and backs the union workers they are paid to represent. Please vote NO on this contract or we'll be opening a can of worms we cannot close for not only our company, but for other union freight companies as well.

Keith Brewer
Local 492, Albuquerque, N.M.
UPS Freight

Proud to be TDU

Hey, just wanted to say thanks. I respect what you all do, and I’m signing up to become a member. Thanks brothers and sisters. I’m proud to be a new member. Keep up the good fight!

Jared Jeffrey
Local 637, Lancaster, Ohio

Mega Profits, Bad Deal

Our contract and our benefit improvements should be based on the billions of dollars in record profits UPS continues to make.

Full-timers make a good wage but claiming that $10 an hour is a substantial gain for part-timers is a joke. I'm also doubtful that anything having to do with Central States will give us peace of mind on our health insurance.

Sheldon Williams
Local 688, St. Louis

Holding Hoffa Accountable

I am calling on Mr. Hoffa to do the right thing here. If YRCW has enough money to try to purchase ABF, and pay $250,000 a month for a man to oversee strategies looked at by YRCW's board, then they have enough to contribute to the pension fund.

Thanks, TDU, for keeping us up to speed on key freight issues.

Mike Pastva
Local 407, Cleveland

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