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1. How soon after the formation of the IBT did reformers challenge an incumbent president?
___Two years ___Twenty-eight years ___Fifty-four years ___Eighty-eight years

2. Which Teamster leader was beaten and nearly killed by opponents?
___ Ron Carey ___ Pete Camarata ___ Cornelius Shea ___ Tony Provenzano

3. Which Teamster leader likened himself to a Roman emperor?
___Tom Keegel ___Jackie Presser ___Mike Ruscigno ___Dane Passo

4. Which are victories won by TDU?
__ Stopped unreasonable rules used to disqualify challengers from running for office. __Wrote and got enacted a new law giving truck safety whistleblowers protection from retaliation.
__Established fair contract votes and right to separate vote on supplements.
__Ended the 2/3 rule used by the IBT to impose contracts even though rejected by a majority of members.
__Established Right to Vote for IBT officers.

5. During which Teamster strike were 21 people killed and 416 injured?
__Steelhaul strike of 1979 __1997 UPS strike __Chicago strike in 1905 __Minneapolis strike in 1934 __1999 strike against Overnite __1990s Detroit Newspaper strike

6. Was TDU the only group in IBT history to put forward the proposal that Teamster presidents be directly elected by the membership? __Yes __No

7. When was the first time that a Black Teamster served on the General Executive Board? __1912 __1946 __1961 __1976

8. When did the first woman serve on the IBT GEB? __1907 __1942 __1966 __1991

9. Which Teamster president brought about the following changes in our union? *Innocent Until Proven Guilty language in contracts. *Expanded protections for local union elections. *Eliminated 100 multiple salaries paid to top officials. *Organizing program with highest number of wins in decades. *Human rights commission.

10. What was the group that called itself BLAST?
___A recreational group of Chicago Teamster officials.
___A fundraising committee for James Hoffa.
___A goon squad that launched violent attacks on TDU.
___ Tom Keegel’s bowling league.

11. In which years did UPS Teamsters strike for better contracts or against serious problems? __1970 __1974 __1976 __1978 __1979 __1994 __1997

12. What was the RISE program?
___ An exercise regime Hoffa implemented for the General Executive Board.
___ Hoffa’s anti-corruption program that is now defunct.
___ An IBT staff wagering pool on which official’s salary will rise the most in one year.

13. Who is the only Teamster president who never made a living as a rank and file member? ___Hoffa Sr. ___Roy Williams ___Cornelius Shea ___Hoffa Jr.

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