TDU Fuels Fight for Future in Freight

January 18, 2008: Freight Teamsters across the country are mobilizing to oppose the proposed concessionary freight contract.

TDU and the Freight 2008 network are at the heart of the fight.

TDU’s goal is to build a national network of concerned freight Teamsters in every terminal who can defend our Teamster standards and hold our negotiators accountable to working Teamsters.

Click here to join TDU today. Membership is $40 a year and includes a subscription to our newspaper Convoy Dispatch. Your dues will help pay for TDU’s work to organize and inform freight Teamsters about the concessions in the proposed freight agreement.

Find out more about TDU’s freight network. Send us a message and a TDU organizer will contact you.


TDU Laid the Groundwork for the Vote No Movement

Without TDU there would be no Vote No movement. As soon as we had our local tentative agreement meeting, the TDU flyers started to show up—without TDU, would the wheels have hit the ground that quickly?

That’s what TDU does—get the truth out about what’s really going on.

Mike Schaffer, Roadway, Local 769, Miami


TDU Gets Us the Facts—That’s Why I Joined

I recently joined TDU after getting misleading info about the contract from the IBT. After seeing how the IBT withholds information from its members that is critical to an informed decision when voting on the issues I decided to realign with TDU.

I just felt that they give us the total information package so that we can make an intelligent decision based on the facts.

For $40 bucks a year its well worth being informed, it's like paying for a sub-compact car and getting an upgrade to a can't go wrong for the price.

Earl P. Williams, Yellow, Local 17, Denver


We’re Stronger When We Work Together

Some members are really getting active around this contract. I’ve been going all over my terminal to put up Vote No flyers—and usually, when I go to stick up a flyer, someone else has already beat me to it. There are Vote No signs all over the place.

I’m going to ask some of the more active guys to join TDU. We need TDU as a watchdog in our union, to tell us what our top leaders won’t. It’s because of TDU that we have the Freight 2008 website—that’s a good investment.

Joel Kendrick, Yellow, Local 71, Charlotte

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