Teamster Retiree Writes to the Pension Funds

By: John Brose, East Liberty, Ohio
Retired, Local 413

I'm a retired truck driver of thirty years. I worked for Smith Transfer in Columbus, Ohio, in 1977 till they went bankrupt in 1988. I went to Consolidated Freightways till they went bankrupt in 2002. Then Roadway Express until they merged with Yellow Freight and I was laid off never to be called back. So I had to retire in 2009 with over thirty years of service.

Every week I worked 70 hours driving in all weather. Every week these companies put money in the Central States Fund for my pension.

I worked hard and even took less in wages for more pension benefits.

We had no vote on the Central States Pension Trustees or their policies. I've heard all their excuses but these pension fund trustees keep drawing their enormous salaries, for what? They even let UPS pull out of the pension fund.

I ask officials of the NCCMP to come up with a plan that does not cut our pensions down to as low as $1,100 per month! I wish you had to live under our pensions; then this plan would not exist.

When you bring this scheme to cut our pensions to Congress, I would like to be invited to speak for all of the retired men and women and show Congress how destructive this would be. When a truck driver has been retired for a few years, it is almost impossible to get another driving job. If you cut our pensions, it will be devastating to us and our families.

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  • Stephanie McAllister
    followed this page 2016-11-08 10:52:42 -0500
  • Valerie Fitzgerald
    commented 2016-08-28 18:42:43 -0400
    And THIS (Republican-pretend) “Congress”, is drooling over those Retiree Pension Cuts. The people who have built America from before AND through this Millenium – THEY’RE the ones who are asking Congress: "How DARE you represent the SuperRich? We thought that the Republican and Democratic Parties were BOTH part of America! And yet, once-American Congress – how DARE you SELL OUT THIS COUNTRY? No ’maybe’s’ behind it – those American Middle-Class workers AND their descendants – are IRATE AS HELL about our own country trying to KILL OUR RETIRED PARENTS!

    We’re gonna do our best, to retire the 2008-2016, REPUBLICAN CONGRESS. Vote your earliest date, then keep your voting number. That’s ‘newspaper talk’ for PROOF THAT YOU DEMS, WERE ALLOWED TO VOTE. A/G Loretta Lynch will be able to protect voters, like her predecessor did.

    No working American with any kind of brain, will ever vote Republican, ever again. They’d rather stay home, I’ve been told…
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