Tentative Agreement Reached with DHL

February 27, 2008: The IBT has announced that they reached a tentative agreement with DHL, and will soon hold a meeting for local officials to get a copy of the proposed deal.

While we have heard reports about the wage increases for full-timers and the new cut-rate wage for part-timers, we do have the facts in hand. On the day of the “two-person” meeting of local officials, we will make available the full language of the master and all supplements.

The power will soon be in the members’ hands. We encourage DHL Teamsters to get informed, get involved and make your voice heard.

Concessions Revealed

While we do not have the tentative agreement, we do have important elements of it that were agreed to last October and contain massive concessions.

The tentative agreement presented here is only partially completed. But it shows that in October, Slawson agreed to disastrous contract language to convert DHL to a part-timer driven operation, like UPS—but without $28.50 UPS wages. It guts our grievance procedure, which would weaken our union and ruin our solidarity.

Click here for a leaflet that summarizes the proposed deal. Please distribute this information to DHL Teamsters.

Click here for National Agreement Status and Tentative Agreements. Warning: Large file - may take a while to download. Please be patient.

Click here for Pick Up & Delivery Operational Supplement Status and Tentative Agreements. Warning: Large file - may take a while to download. Please be patient.

Click here to tell us what you think or to let us know that you want to be help defeat the proposed contract givebacks.

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