UPS Freight Teamsters Discuss Contract

August 22, 2012: Negotiations for the next UPS Freight contract are set to commence in late September. When the contract was signed in 2008, we were told it was only a first contract, and the big issues would be dealt with next time.

Now is the time!

Negotiations are set to begin this fall. Most locals have held meetings to gather member proposals. That's a start, but the key is to build rank and file unity behind some key issues.

TDU members and other concerned Teamsters at UPS Freight have been meeting by conference call. We established a new website,, for members to exchange information and develop a plan for winning a better contract.

Here are some of the key areas of the contract that members agree need to be addressed. This is not a complete list, but some key issues that need to be dealt with in this contract.

Eliminate contractors taking Teamster work. We need language and penalties that lead to more union jobs. The language from the NMFA could be a model.

Pension and Health and Welfare
Join the United Parcel Service Health & Welfare and Pension plans, or match the benefit level. Same benefits for all UPS Teamsters, no matter what division.

Grievance Procedure
Establish clear timelines and deadlines for the resolution of grievances.

The probationary period for all job classifications should be 30 work days. Eliminate the "casual" job classification and board.

Layoffs and Jobs
Create a "trigger" or formula for overall overtime hours that shall lead to recall or hiring. It protects full-time jobs and will protect against the abusive use of contractors.

Existing Practices—Work Rules
Negotiate them. Get them established as proposed supplements or riders prior to ratification vote. Separate vote on supplement or rider.

Improve the schedule. 1-3 years = 10 days. 4-7 years = 15 days. 8-15 years = 20 days. 16-30+ years = 25 days. No blackout weeks for vacations. 15 percent of seniority board may be off a week. Increase discretionary or sick days and personal holidays.

Following ratification, those currently in progression immediately go to top rate. Substantial hourly and OTR wage increases.

Click here to download these issues as a leaflet and spread the word to other members.

Subcontracting Takes Our Work

Josh Barber
Local 222, Salt Lake City

In Salt Lake City, the main issue for the road is subcontracting. We have several contract carriers that run more regularly than our Teamster drivers. They run trips to Reno, and Fontana, Calif. Sometimes they pull our trailers loaded and empty, like AV Carriers who run east and then back through Denver.

We have 72 road drivers and four are currently on layoff. Because of the bid runs available, we have several "one trip Omaha" which is 1,800 team miles and takes about 30 hours. That leaves all the drivers on that bid on the extra board before and after their one trip.

Most of us just want some regularity to our work and to move all the work that's ours.

Equality on Pensions and Health Insurance

Charlie Newman, City Steward
Local 150, Sacramento

Management at UPS Freight expects us to work like UPS package. We got the same wear and tear on our backs, knees, and every joint. It's time to give us health and pension benefits that match the package contract. We need our current pension rolled into the Teamster pension funds that UPS contributes to with the package contract. We need credit for our years.

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