Women's History Month

March 14, 2012: TDU celebrates the contributions of Teamster women to our union and to labor struggles for social and economic equality.

Building strong unions has paid off for women workers—literally. Women in unions earn higher wages, have better health care coverage, more rights to paid sick leave and vacation, pension plans, and more rights and power on the job.

Women union members make $2 an hour more than nonunion women workers. The difference for women of color is even bigger—with union women making 35% more than nonunion workers. Union women workers are 19% more likely to have employer health insurance and 25% more likely to have a pension.

Throughout history, Teamster women have helped build the union, often against long odds. And Teamster women have helped lead TDU in fighting for a Teamsters Union that fights for all Teamsters.

Local 213 Teamster Diana Kilmury was such a leader, and was elected the first woman International Vice President of the Teamsters Union in 1991.

Twenty years later, Sandy Pope became the first woman Teamster to run for Teamster General President.

In between, thousands of Teamster women have gotten involved with TDU to build a stronger union.

TDU celebrates the contributions of Teamster women to our union and to our movement.

"It's tough being a woman with a truck driving job—not because of the work, but because it's out of the realm of normal roles women have in society. But being a single parent and having to support 2 kids I had to look for other options where I could earn a higher income.

"Women fought hard for the right to have these jobs. Thanks to them I can make a decent salary as a package car driver. I joined TDU to continue changing our union for the better."

Dorothy Hanlon, Local 804

"The TDU Women's network brings together women Teamsters to share information and education, help us stand up for our rights on the job, and empowers us to get involved in rebuilding the union."

Noreen Hollingsworth, Local 237
Co-Chair Teamsters for a Democratic Union

DVD Mother Trucker: The Diana Kilmury Story

Diana Kilmury went from being the first woman heavy equipment operator in British Columbia Local 213, to the first woman International Vice President of the Teamsters Union.

Her story was made into an award-winning 1996 movie. Click here to order a copy!

Watch her story and find out how Diana helped build TDU in its early years, spoke up for members on the Teamster Convention floor, helped win the Right to Vote, and changed our union for the better.

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