Teamster News

Leedham Campaign Looks Ahead

February 1, 2005: The Tom Leedham Campaign is off to a fast start and the Tom Leedham Strong Contracts, Good Pensions Slate members are poised to become officially accredited candidates.

Georgia Teamsters Elect New Leaders

January 28, 2005:Members in two local unions representing over 10,000 Georgia Teamsters have voted this fall for new leadership. In November Local 728 members elected the Members First Slate.

GCIU Merges with the Teamsters

January 30, 2005: The Graphic Communications International Union’s (GCIU) 60,000 US members voted by a narrow margin to merge into the Teamsters.

Engineer Urges Railroad Teamsters to Join TDU

November 4, 2004: I am a Locomotive Engineer on the Union Pacific Railroad with 34 years of service, and am on my third term as president of Division 724 of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers