N.Y. Teamsters, Verizon Workers March for the 99%

December 2, 2011: New York Teamsters joined union members at Verizon in a rally and march against Corporate Greed in New York City.

In the last four years, Verizon made $19 billion in profits. But management is demanding across-the-board concessions, including steep cuts in healthcare and pensions for 45,000 union members.

The Communication Workers Union (CWA) has joined forces with the 99% Movement. Verizon workers walked from Albany to New York City in a “March for the 99%.”

The CWA has blasted Verizon for targeting workers for cuts while paying outrageous compensation to top executives in the 1%—like the $30.9 million paid to Ivan Seidenberg in his last year as the company’s CEO.

The 1% vs. the 99% at UPS

UPS CEO Scott Davis is another 1 percenter who has targeted the 99%. Davis was paid $10.7 million last year. Under his watch, starting pay for UPS Teamsters has been frozen at $8.50.

Local 804 member Kamal Kaalund carried a sign that says it all: “Teamsters at UPS. CWA members at Verizon. We are the 99%!”

Thousands of union members marched from a Verizon building past the Occupy Wall Street demonstration to a Verizon Wireless store downtown.

The Teamster delegation at the march and rally was organized by Teamsters for a Democratic Union.


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