Pension Movement: “We Must Escalate!”

A crowd of over 500 Teamsters and retirees in Kansas City yesterday listened intently as Karen Friedman, Policy Director of the Pension Rights Center, told them “we must escalate our efforts to protect our pensions.“


That escalation is happening now. The Missouri-Kansas City Committee to Protect Our Pensions meeting drew concerned Teamsters from up to 300 miles distant, and was one of a dozen such meetings in the past week.

Some 500 retirees overflowed a Columbus Town Hall Meeting with Ken Feinberg, Treasury Department Special Master three days ago, and 250 more turned out the following day in Milwaukee.

Fred Zuckerman, the president of Local 89, presented an articulate argument for denying the Central States Proposal to Feinberg, and was joined in opposition by some 25 other speakers in Columbus. Zuckerman also submitted a comment to the Treasury Department that concerned Teamsters should read. 

Pension Rights Center attorney Norman Stein submitted another comment which lays out the reasons for rejection.

Lichtenwald’s Road Show Flops

Central States Trustee Bill Lichtenwald has meanwhile been traveling to sell the pension cut program to Teamsters, without much success. Yesterday at a Columbus Ohio retirees' meeting, he admitted that the Teamster officials who are trustees will not move to delay the cuts to allow time for better solutions.

Last Sunday, Lichtenwald was pressed by Cincinnati retirees to agree to make a motion to withdraw the benefit cut proposal, and he promised to do so. But just four days later, Lichtenwald told a packed hall in Columbus that he could not get any support from the Teamster trustees – who supposedly represent us!

Those Teamster trustees should either stand up for members and retirees or get the hell of the way by resigning. Teamsters have already demanded the resignation of Lichtenwald, who was slammed in the Independent Review Board’s report on corruption in the Ohio Conference of Teamsters, which he headed until his removal.

The growing movement to defend pensions will continue to demand that Central States withdraw their proposal and support efforts for a more positive solution.

The pension movement will continue to reach out and expand into new areas and build support from more allies. 

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  • Lori Essig
    commented 2015-12-14 22:53:39 -0500
    Tom D, I fully admit I am or was a dumb truck driver. However, I have common sense and enough education that I know the difference between then and than.
    You may have an education better than I but you are devoid of any compassion towards your fellow Teamsters. I have said before to you; you have the ability to put some funds away for your retirement, we don’t as we were told for all our working years that the pension would be there for our retirement days.

    CSPF was told to cut in other ways before cutting pensions; they didn’t do anything but rather went right to the cuts. I suggest you go read the links in the Lichtenwald threads. They show so many of the same spending sprees that I can imagine has happened with the CSPF. Lots of the same people there, too.

    They just may get it tossed back to them to come up with other cuts.

    Eddie is right, you are an A hole.
  • Tom Dolyniuk
    commented 2015-12-14 21:55:57 -0500
    Hey Eddie. I speak the truth. You want the truth? " You can’t handle the truth!!" So man up, and take your medicine, like everyone else! We are all affected by this!
  • eddie calero
    commented 2015-12-14 21:48:09 -0500
    I see I am not the only one in here, to see dolyniuk for the ass that he is. you can tell he doesn’t have a life, look at all the post he makes in here, most people just blow him off , they know he is full of $hit
  • Tom Dolyniuk
    commented 2015-12-14 21:33:42 -0500
    Lorelyn Essig, Your comment that “They could do it to you too”. For your information, they have already. We are ALL getting punished because of their mismanagement. Part of their “mismanagement” was setting up the CSPF like a Ponzi scheme. Also, they gave (promised) some retires too much money, relative to what their total contributions were, and given the health of the fund! As far as flipping burgers? Do you think that you are better then them? Trying to insult me, when you have NO IDEA of who I am. I have a masters degree in Statistics and graduated Summa Cum Laude, with an under graduate degree in mathematics. I taught calculus and statistics at a major university. Yes, I have a job at a warehouse too. You are the one that declared yourself a “dumb truck driver”. Pay attention to my posts and hopefully you may learn something. I am giving a different perspective on things. True, I understand some of this you may not agree with, because of your tunnel vision!! Try to think outside the box for ONCE, not the same old crying, " Don’t cut our pensions. We were promised. We earned our pensions". When will you understand that there is not enough money to keep things the way they are!! Be thankful that you collected what you did for 15 years, and will continue to get a check, even if it is half. Again, how much was your total contribution? You got quite a deal, when compared to what actives will get. Count your blessings!
  • Lori Essig
    commented 2015-12-14 19:54:33 -0500
  • Michael Trotter
    commented 2015-12-14 19:47:58 -0500
    Hello Retiree, this article was publish on Wednesday,October 29,2014. The Whore of Higher Ed. Written by Cory Zurowski. City Pages Minneapolis.
  • Lori Essig
    commented 2015-12-14 17:42:39 -0500
    Tom D: it is true what Eddy said. You are just here to argue. If we retirees hadn’t grown the companies into profitable ones you would most likely be flipping burgers at Mickey D’s. Please go peddle your crap elsewhere. Isn’t there a place for all the pro cut people to go?

    If this comes to pass and you are collecting your pension, think about this; if they did it to us; they could do it to you, too.
  • Tom Dolyniuk
    commented 2015-12-14 15:05:38 -0500
    Central States withdrawl their proposal? The one that they spent 9 months working on? Who are you trying to fool? They said if money or a bailout comes along, they will welcome it, otherwise proposal stands!! They will NEVER, withdrawl the proposal, then hope for a bailout!! People—-wake up!!! Check your resent mail from Central States dated Dec 9.
  • Tom Dolyniuk
    commented 2015-12-14 13:09:47 -0500
    Eddie, If all of the money that I contributed into a pension went into a 401K, I would be in MUCH better shape!!! Don’t kid yourself!!! By the time I retired , I would have around a million dollars in MY PERSONAL account!! So believe me, I wish that I NEVER had a pension to talk about!! True, pensions have provided the gravy train for some retirees, but at the expense of active employees!! Now, that this will come to a stop, EVERYONE will feel the pain!! Thanks for NOTHING!! Eddie, get a grip!!
  • eddie calero
    commented 2015-12-14 12:33:37 -0500
    all tom dolyniuk wants to do, is have a argument with everyone in here . he has nothing better to do than try to piss people off. just go back on every sight and you will see him talking his crap. he is one of these dummy that doesn’t know, that if it wasn’t for the older retied people in here, he would never even have a pension to talk about. I do believe this man as something to do with management, because he doesn’t even sound like a union man.
  • Elmer Hughed
    commented 2015-12-12 17:04:59 -0500
  • Tom Dolyniuk
    commented 2015-12-12 01:49:46 -0500
    Very interesting that MPRA uses the 7,5% rate of investment returns to determine future solvency projections.
  • Tom Dolyniuk
    commented 2015-12-12 01:19:45 -0500
    I warned you about Lichenwald!! I told you he is trying to give false hope, and trying to make himself look good!
  • Gary Walton
    commented 2015-12-11 15:55:46 -0500
    I got your back we need to stop this BS.
  • Linda Arnold
    commented 2015-12-11 15:49:53 -0500
    Dem Senators, Bernie Sanders, Debbie Stabenow, and several others have already come up with a plan.. and it is a good one !
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