Playing Politics at UPS

Hoffa and Sean O’Brien announced new appointments for the Teamster Package Division. You’ll never guess what they all have in common…


It’s no secret that a big majority of UPSers voted for Teamsters United in the IBT election.

In response to the rank-and-file revolt, Hoffa appointed Sean O’Brien to replace Ken Hall as the Director of the Package Division and the IBT’s lead negotiator at UPS.

O’Brien is calling on members to put union politics aside and focus on the company.

But when he announced the new appointees in the Teamster Package Division, every single one of them was from a local that voted for Hoffa-Hall.

It’s not easy to find eight UPS locals that voted for Hoffa-Hall (ninety UPS locals, including most of the big ones, voted for Teamsters United in the election) but they managed.

UPS Teamsters in the South voted overwhelming against International Union Vice President Ken Wood, but Wood will keep his UPS post in the Southern Region.

Mike Goebel of St. Louis Local 688 has dutifully backed Hoffa-Hall. But a majority of his members voted for Fred Zuckerman.

For that crime, Goebel was dumped in the Central Region and replaced by Dennis Roberts from Cleveland Local 407.

Only two UPS locals voted for Hoffa in all of Ohio. Officials from both got new appointed positions. Pat Darrow of Akron Local 348 was named O’Brien’s deputy.

When it comes to putting politics aside, watch what Hoffa and O’Brien do, not what they say.

The other appointments go like this:

Eastern Region: Steve South, Local 25. Greg Yerace, Local 175

Central Region: Dennis Roberts, Local 407. Trevor Lawrence, Local 638.

Western Region: Andy Marshall, Local 572. Marty Frates, Local 70.

Southern Region: Ken Wood, Local 79. Donnie West, Local 612.

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  • commented 2017-03-10 00:40:46 -0500
    Pat Darrow, any relation to Dan Darrow, IBT Small Package Director in the late 80’s? Seems that Dan was from Ohio as well!
  • commented 2017-03-09 18:55:34 -0500
    $ LAWYERS n LOVE $

    Isn’t Andy Marshall in the cross hairs of a IDO , ei ei yo investigation ?
    With serious charges to be resolved?
    Has a " designated " perp. replacement been named ?
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