Read the Proposed UPS Deal

After the worst Information Brownout in Teamster history, the tentative deal reached between UPS and Hoffa’s negotiator Denis Taylor is finally seeing the light of day.

read-the-contract-thumb.jpgDownload and read the proposed national contract.

Download and read this corrected version of the proposed national contract.

The proposed deal will face a vote of the membership after contract negotiations are completed on the Supplements and Local Riders. Negotiations on those outstanding agreements are being held this week.

The International Union is holding two teleforums tonight, Tuesday, July 10, to pitch the contract to members.

The first call is at 6pm Eastern and the second call is at 9pm Eastern.

The call-in number is (877) 229-8493


The proposed contract deal is facing intense scrutiny. UPS will make $6 billion in profits this year, but the company’s contract offer contains major concessions, including two-tier 22.4 Hybrid Drivers who will deliver ground for a lower pay rate.

The proposed deal also comes far short of the $15 an hour starting pay, catch-up raises and 10,000 new full-time 22.3 jobs that part-timers were promised.

We urge all members to read the proposed deal and discuss its pros and cons with other UPSers.

Download and read the proposed national contract.

Download and read this corrected version of the proposed national contract.


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  • Tracy Phillips
    commented 2018-07-13 05:51:51 -0400
    Im leaning towards NO vote, based on what I read. Don’t agree with split hybrid driver pay should be same as “RGPD”. Don’t agree with 70hr workweeks regardless of how it’s implemented. However, if after exhausting volunteers and hybrid drivers; over 60hr paid tripletime plus time and half I would cave in on 70hr workweeks. The company wouldn’t so loosely work us that way. Obviously the people who negotiated this are not UPS employees. Still did not adequately address overweight oversize packages or irregular over 70s handling. Fix this will bring me back to the light.
  • Scott Bowman
    commented 2018-07-10 13:54:55 -0400
    Even though there is an increase in the pension for Part-Timers, it looks like the Part-Timers will lose some funding into TeamCare. I assume there will be a reduction in benefits to follow this. That’s a deal breaker. Add in the “hybrid driver” classification and this is a definite “NO” vote. And we haven’t seen the supplements yet.
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