Teamster Troublemaker

Pays Dues, Wants to Vote

In Minneapolis Local 120, many construction Teamsters lose their right to vote because they are on withdrawal card.

Merger Mayhem

Rumor has it that our local officials are looking to merge our local. Do members get a say? Do they have to let us vote?
Merger Mayhem in NYC

Dear Mayhem,

Overtime Overload

We’re being buried in forced overtime because of understaffing. Management is making us work 60 and 70-hour weeks.

'Fooled' at Contract Vote

When our last contract was negotiated, the BA didn’t tell us the whole story. The local had a meeting where they just told us about the wages and a few other things.

Part-Time Pension Puzzle

I recently heard that some part-timers at UPS are in Teamster pension plans. As a part-timer I was in the company plan.


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