Senator Portman Introduces “Pension Accountability Act”

Thanks to the strong grassroots effort of the Ohio pension committees, Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) plans to introduce a Congressional bill today to require a fair vote on pension cuts, including those proposed by the Central States Fund. 


His “Pension Accountability Act” would require a vote in which only the Yes and No votes are tallied, with the nonvoters not counted, and that the vote by retirees and active Teamsters would be the final say.

The bill is not as comprehensive as the Keep Our Pension Promises Act (KOPPA), which is backed by the pension movement, TDU, the Pension Rights Center, the AARP, the Teamsters Union, the Machinists Union, and other unions. But, as Mike Walden, chairman of the Northeast Ohio Committee to Protect Pensions told the media yesterday, “The both have merit.” 

This bill is the first one introduced by a Republican that addresses the unfairness of the pension cut bill, and thus is significant for that reason. Many Ohio Teamsters and retirees have spoken with Senator Portman and his staff.

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  • Stephanie McAllister
    followed this page 2016-10-21 09:53:35 -0400
  • mike edwards
    commented 2015-11-07 10:32:59 -0500
    This is what I can’t figure out. I started working at Spartan Nash in 1973 and retired in 2012 had in 39 years and I got cut 50%. A guy that started working there in 1984 and retired in 2013 only got cut 34%. I talked with someone on TDU and he said because when I was working they weren’t putting in as much to our retirement and when this guy started they were putting in more. Well hell I was there the same years this guy was except the last two. He said he had heard of a lot of cases like mine and that is why they want the paper work so they can send it to the treasury dept. This makes no sense. I worked 10 more years than this other guy did and I get cut more
  • Dale Martin
    commented 2015-10-29 13:45:55 -0400
    Ridiclous!! I strongly OPPOSE this cut! I, 69 yrs old, 36 yrs vested, have to take a % 65 cut!? Why can’t the PBGF at least help subsidize us older retirees!?
  • William Oswalt
    commented 2015-10-20 18:00:56 -0400
    if the U.S. can give billions away to overseas countries that have and always will HATE our way of life and ignore the deep cuts to the drivers that gave up their LIVES to provide a average life for their kids maybe we need a revolt!
  • Paul Dillon
    commented 2015-10-17 08:43:27 -0400

    Senator Portman co sponsored legislation attempting to get the weight limits for heavy trucks increased to 97,000 pounds, luckily it was defeated. Increase the weight limits and decrease the amount of drivers needed? I guess that is one way to solve a driver shortage issue?

    He has an election coming up and may need any support he can get? It makes him look good to show support? but with a GOP congress he knows nothing will get done to really help the working man?
  • Ken & Marcia Petersen
    followed this page 2015-10-12 20:25:44 -0400
  • Michael Trotter
    commented 2015-10-12 13:13:37 -0400
    David Gill, go to the Pension Rights center website there you will find the major organization that are fighting this . UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.
  • David Gill
    commented 2015-10-11 08:47:30 -0400
    I hate to say it,, NO ONE CARED for years as the fund was going down the toilet, NO ONE CARED when the bill to allow them to cut pensions was sitting in congress waiting to be put up for a vote. It wasn’t until they slipped it in with the budget and got passed,everyone cares. I think it may be to little to late,, the teamsters,,, the unions have very little power anymore to change much. We at YRC have learned no one is going to take care of us, not the government ( S.S. ),the union ( PENSIONS ),the company, ( CONTRIBUTIONS, BENEFITS ) C.Y.A.
  • Jimmy deere
    commented 2015-10-11 08:13:24 -0400
    read article in Cleveland Newspaper. What I don’t like is what he says about taxpayers should not bail fund out.. Hold it these same people who are in the fund who paid taxes for many years to bail out the saving and loans assn., Banks, General Motors( who got to keep there pension after GM went bankrupt compliments of tax payers), every middle eastern country, Who burn our flag as soon as the check is cashed, and don’t forget every country in Europe after WW2. But no to a bunch of old truckers and hard working Americans. And oh don’t forget all the lazy people in this country who for forty years of their lives never had a job ….And they all say they want to help the Middle Class ( What are We third Class )..Read…..
  • Shelly Horan Overkleeft
    commented 2015-10-10 12:54:16 -0400
    Yeah CNN has it on their station that we’re all getting cut 22.6% because they are averaging it out
  • Michael Trotter
    commented 2015-10-10 01:09:03 -0400
  • Ron Ogle
    commented 2015-10-09 21:22:16 -0400
    Portman is grand standing. They have made drastic cuts to 42% and told the other 58% if they dont vote yes they will also get drastic cuts because they will go broke.So the vote has already been rigged.and he also knows the outcome.It will never be voted down by the 58%. 33% get no cuts and 14% are in the age cut off bracket.So right there we are out voted 47 to 42.Dont be fooled and think we have any chance to change the outcome by voting! Portman doesnt want to be outdone by any Democrats because he is get ready for re-election.(I am not a Democrat I am conservative) but hate grubbing politicians taking advantage of a serious situation.
  • bob krouse
    commented 2015-10-09 13:37:41 -0400
    You’re RETIRED,….you have TIME to fight this.

    Washington, DC

    The Willard Office Building
    1455 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Suite 390
    Washington, DC 20004-1008
    Phone: 202-371-1110
    Fax: 202-962-9290

    Kenneth R. Feinberg
  • Jane Hopkins
    commented 2015-10-09 13:30:01 -0400
  • Lowell Weber
    commented 2015-10-08 21:32:40 -0400
    Jay Walton- I just got off the phone with one of the guys I worked with at Holland. He still works on the road and CSF cut him 44 % with 34.4 years of service. He said a driver out of Cleveland was cut 38%. I’d love CSF to give a step by step account of how they arrived at these numbers.
  • john gasperetti
    commented 2015-10-08 19:54:54 -0400
    Central states pension retirees, we had a union meeting on sunday about the pension cuts, 400-500 attended. We have a grass roots Wisconsin protect out pension committee, we’ve been calling all week, our US senators and congressmen in Wisconsin. Its simple to call and they want to hear the feedback. Their politicians, when they get a lot of feedback, they get nervous. Also, you need to call or email Kenneth Feinberg of the US Treasury department. The only way we can help ourselves is if we can help each other. You need to call other retirees and get them involved.
  • William Mercer
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-10-08 12:13:04 -0400
    Senator Portman Introduces “Pension Accountability Act”
  • Shelly Horan Overkleeft
    commented 2015-10-08 12:03:43 -0400
    We were all cut 50% even people that are still working at our company that’s contributing
  • Teddy McDaniel
    commented 2015-10-08 11:11:16 -0400
    E-mail Rob Portman (Ohio) and thank him for his support and hope that he will bring others on board to help fight this pension cut and unfair voting.
  • Jay Walton
    commented 2015-10-08 10:55:37 -0400
    All my teamster Brothers that are retired and under 80 have been cut at least 45% . There was no science in this it was a straight cut across the board. I know no one that was cut less unless they were making under 1500 a month.
  • John C. Anderson
    commented 2015-10-08 09:57:33 -0400 This is Kenneth Fienberg’s contact info he is an Atty working with the Treasury Dept. Others have spoken with him and he IS sympathetic to our cause. He want to learn of how this will affect retirees , so send him emails and calls, this is the only contact I have for him at this time but treasury is another possible contact. Tell him how this will ruin our lives…he stated that he won’y even read the Unions proposal until Months from now…SO HERE IS OUR CHANCE…late contact info ..Kenneth Fienberg: or
  • Shelly Horan Overkleeft
    commented 2015-10-08 08:09:55 -0400
    Well it’s on the news and in the papers that only 30% cut deep cuts 70% got small cuts or none at all so even if we all vote no it’s going to pass
  • Teddy McDaniel
    commented 2015-10-07 22:33:00 -0400
    I say thank you to the Ohio teamsters and all others who called this Senator! This would not even be on his or anyone else’s radar if you had not taken the time to make those necessary calls! It is only common sense that only the votes YES or NO are counted. What ever or WHO EVER thought up that if you didn’t vote it would count as a yes?? This may be the start of some common sense answers to this disastrous decision that could very well be the demise of the Teamsters and the financial ruin of many retired teamster families. Remember to vote NO!
  • Sandy Elsasser
    commented 2015-10-07 17:40:28 -0400
    Thank you, Senators Portman and Sanders! Thank you!
  • John C. Anderson
    commented 2015-10-07 17:34:12 -0400 Email sent 10/7/2015 1630hrs
  • John C. Anderson
    commented 2015-10-07 14:53:03 -0400
    Please contact your Senators and Representatives to ask that they support Sen. Portman’s proposal and fairly consider Sen. Sanders, and other reviews and ideas. The people are now being made aware of what happened with the end of 40+ years of ERISA protections and they are not going to be happy about that, remind them that you know how they voted on the MPRA and they need to fairly review what has been allowed to happen Also contact Atty Kenneth Fienberg who is working with Treasury, others have called and spoken with him, he IS sympathetic to learning of how this will affect us. He stamber that he will not even look at the Unions proposal until Months from now, but want to hear from us…Here you go, This is our hope…Contact for Mr. Fienberg,
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