Standing Up For Our Pensions

March 15, 2012: The new issue of Teamster Voice includes a special report that looks at the rise and decline of Teamster pension funds—and how members can stand up to save strong Teamster pensions.

Our Teamster Pension Timeline looks at key moments in the rise and decline of Teamster pensions. For decades, working Teamsters have organized to win strong Teamster pensions and defend them from employers—and sometimes our own union officials.

To defend our benefits in the future, we need to know our history.

The UPS Pension Comparison Chart reveals how UPS Teamsters earn dramatically different pensions depending on the fund they're in—with the new UPS plan paying by far the worst benefits.

The Hoffa administration confirmed in early March that it is looking at early contract negotiations with UPS.

Teamster Voice looks at pension threats and opportunities as our union gears up for bargaining and how Teamsters can get involved.

A Pension Action Plan for Every Teamster looks at how Teamster members in every industry are facing corporate attacks on our pensions.

Reckless Wall Street investment schemes, stock market crashes and the recession have taken a toll on our pension funds.

The pension crisis, created on Wall Street, has been made worse by the Hoffa administration's mistakes and the UPS pull out from the Central States Fund.

The spiraling Central States crisis has opened the door for other companies to come after Teamster pensions including major Teamster employers like YRC, ABF, and Waste Management.

Our union needs an action plan to fight for strong Teamster pensions—including going on the offensive in upcoming contract bargaining.

History shows that working Teamsters only get pension security when we fight for it. We can't wait for Hoffa or the employers to do it for us. If we want strong pensions, we've got to stand up for ourselves.


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