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Big Brown Gets Busy in 2nd Quarter

July 29, 2014: UPS made $454 million in after-tax profits and transferred liability for future retiree healthcare costs to Teamcare. UPS announced $454 million in profits for the 2nd quarter today. That’s down from $1.07 billion for the same period last year. But don’t cry for Big Brown just yet. The company’s 54% drop in profits is explained by a one-time charge.  UPS posted a one-time $665 million after-tax charge on its books related to...

Local 584 Members Challenging Forced Merger

UPDATE, August 6, 2014: Local 584 is being forcibly merged into another New York Teamster local to prevent members from voting in new leadership this fall. Support Local 584 members who are demanding their constitutional right to vote on the merger. Click here to demand that President Hoffa respect members’ Right to Vote on any local union merger.  Local 584 members have been gearing up to defeat their incompetent union officials in a local union...
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