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A United Coalition for Change

January 8, 2015: Working Teamsters were hammered with concessions in 2014. Teamster leaders who showed how to fight for good contracts are building a coalition for change.   Teamster leaders who stood up for Teamster contracts and pensions in 2014 are helping to build a coalition for change in 2016.   Local 804 President Tim Sylvester united UPS Teamsters in New York City to win pension increases, grievance procedure reform, and 150 new full-time jobs.    “Other Teamsters were taking givebacks. But Tim showed us we can fight...

Organizing at the Bottom to Win at the Top

January 8, 2015: The Vote No movement showed that a majority of Teamsters in key industries oppose Hoffa-Hall's concessions. But are we ready to get to work to elect new Teamster leadership?   Working Teamsters organized an unprecedented Vote No movement against contract concessions and benefit cuts last year.   Teamsters can have new leadership and a new direction in our union. But it won’t be easy or automatic.   Hoffa has a built-in campaign organization. He has a huge payroll with over 100...
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