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80th Anniversary Celebrates Historic '34 Teamster Strike

June 13, 2014: Eighty years ago, in a defining moment for the American labor movement, the Teamsters Union defeated employers in a titanic truck strike in Minneapolis. It made Minneapolis a union town, spurred over-the-road organizing across the Midwest and paved the way for the Teamsters to become a powerhouse international union.   The strike will be celebrated in Minneapolis in July with two events: A street festival on Saturday, July 19 from 4 to...

Top 10 Tips for Protecting Yourself from Harassment

June 20, 2014: Harassment isn’t an accident at UPS. It’s a strategy, called management-by-stress.   Under management-by-stress, the company uses harassment to try to intimidate us into working faster. Sometimes, they’re trying to provoke you into losing your temper. In extreme cases, they’ll try to harass workers into quitting.   TDU asked experienced package car stewards for suggestions on how Teamsters can protect themselves from harassment at UPS. Here were their Top 10 tips.  ...
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