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UPS Contracts 2013-2018

These contract downloads are unofficial documents prepared by Teamsters for a Democratic Union for use by UPS Teamsters, stewards and local union reps. They have not been approved by the IBT.   UPS 2013 - 2018 National Master Agreement   2013 - 2018 Central Region Supplement Local 89 Air Supplement-Rider Local 243 (Detroit area) Rider Local 344 (Wisconsin) Rider Local 688 Rider Michigan Rider Ohio Rider 2013 - 2018 Southern Region Supplement   2013 -...

Summary of Western Region and Local 177 Health Plan

June 3, 2014: The Western Region and Local 177 Health Plan has issued a two-page summary of “talking points” to all local unions and union representatives, so that they can answer members’ questions. We are making the summary available to members, to help everyone learn the basics of coverage under the plan. The new health plan covers UPS Teamsters in much of the West and in New Jersey Local 177. Some members have expressed concern...
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