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TDU In Action

April 2, 2014: TDU members across the country have hit the ground running in 2014, holding seminars, organizing to defend pensions, and holding education conferences to inform members and build the reform movement. St. Louis Teamsters Protecting Safety Rights Paul Taylor, lead attorney for the Truckers Justice Center and author of a book on the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA), spoke to a packed house in the St. Louis area on February 15. UPS feeder...

Will Hoffa and Hall Try to Impose the UPS Contract?

April 2, 2014: With the Louisville Air Rider headed down in flames, Hoffa and Hall are considering a secret plan to impose the UPS contract. UPS Teamsters in Louisville, Philadelphia, and Western Pennsylvania have Voted No and rejected their supplements. Now Hoffa and Hall are considering a plan to take away their right to vote and impose the UPS contract. Teamster members won the right to vote on supplements and riders in 1991 and have...
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