TDU: Fighting for the Future

December 2, 2011: The Teamster election is over.

It’s time to move ahead and fight for the future of our union.

Most members sat out the election. Many are disgusted or discouraged.

When members are angry, they can give up and throw in the towel. Or they can get involved and make a difference. TDU’s job is to turn that anger into organization and action.

Our union and working people across North America face tremendous challenges—an economic depression and attacks on our contracts, benefits and rights by Wall Street, Corporate America and corporate politicians.

There are tough fights ahead. When Hoffa is doing the right thing, we’ll stand behind him. When he doesn’t, we’ll hold his feet to the fire.

TDU will be there—educating, informing and uniting members to build the strong Teamsters Union and labor movement we need to fight for our future.

“We won our local for Sandy Pope. Now we’re campaigning to take it back in our local union election next year.

“TDU is the best information source for enforcing our contract, protecting our rights, and running for office. Join TDU and make our union better.”

Tim Hill, UPS, Local 690, Spokane, Wash.

“The election’s over but we still face the same issues in freight. I know we need a plan for the long haul. I had questions about TDU but working in the campaign showed me that these Teamsters are committed to organizing for the changes we need in our union. That’s why I’m on board and encourage others to do the same.”

Al Watrous, YRC, Local 773, Allentown, Penn.

“Nobody should be proud of the low turnout. We need to get more members involved in our union through education.

“TDU has given me the materials and the tools to educate myself on my rights as a union member and union employee.”

Doug Roberts, UPS, Local 651, Lexington, Ky.



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