Convoy 223 January 2005

Members Look to 2006 to Shake Up Teamster Union

January 28, 2005: “If you’re concerned about our union, you can do something about it,” says Seattle Local 174 President and UPS feeder driver Dianne Bolton.Bolton is also a member of the TDU St

Excessive Overtime Hurts Teamsters and Families

January 28, 2005: More people are working more hours than ever before in the U.S. The drive to press more production out of fewer workers is putting a squeeze on workers and their families.

Teamsters Fight Union Busting at Tyson

January 28, 2005: Local 556 Teamsters at Tyson Foods know what they want in the New Year—to beat corporate union-busting at the world’s largest meatpacking company and win a new contract.

STAA Whistleblower Law Protects Non-Drivers, Too

January 28, 2005: A recent case shows that some non-driver employees may be protected by the  federal whistleblower law if they are engaged in activity related to truck safety or Department of Tra

Will Hoffa Set the Record for Election Theft?

January 28, 2005: The incumbents determine whether it will be a walk-in or mail-in. They set the dates. They make all the rules. They run the nominations meeting. They rule on who is eligible.


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