Convoy 224 February 2005

Teamsters Lose Battle at Tyson Foods

February 17, 2005: For months, Local 556 members and leaders in Pasco, Wash., have fought a tremendous battle against union-busting at Tyson Foods. But on Feb.

HazMat Endorsement Coming

February 17, 2005: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has set a $94 fee for the hazardous material endorsement background check that the U.S. will require under new security rules.

Turmoil at Yellow’s Dallas Terminal

February 17, 2005: Yellow’s management is routing some freight around Dallas and reportedly considering downsizing that terminal’s operations in the wake of violence and disruptions there.

Teamsters Push California Port Legislation

February 17, 2005: As part of the IBT effort to organize harbor truckers in California, the union plans to sponsor legislation that would exempt independent drivers from federal antitrust laws.

Study Reports Mexican Trucks Remain Safety Risk

February 17, 2005: The Department of Transportation (DOT) recently issued a report concluding that the Mexican government and the country’s trucking firms have not met the safety requirements and


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