Convoy 247 November/December 2007

Seattle Waste Members Win Major Pension Boost

December 5, 2007: Local 174 members at Waste Management and Allied Waste are getting a pension boost of $1.18 per hour in 2008 thanks to strong language negotiated in their last agreement.

Western Conference Pensions Rise

December 5, 2007: The Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Fund, which covers most Teamsters in the Western Region, is ending cuts in pension accruals that were imposed in July 2003.

Rail Workers Build Solidarity Caucus

December 5, 2007: Rail labor activists from across North America are coming together to form a new cross-craft inter-union caucus that includes all rail workers in North America—Railroad Workers

Investigating Grievances

The right information can make or break your grievance case. If you don’t have your facts straight, management can shoot down your case.

Members Set the Course for 2008

December 5, 2007: Whether or not you attended the TDU Convention, you can help build a stronger union this year and for the future.

Bedding Down at the Red Rash Inn

December 5, 2007: I am a road driver. Some of the places we bed down are ridiculous. I wouldn’t make my dog lay in them. What rights do I have besides grieve and wait?

Letters from Our Members

Local 726: We'll Keep Fighting

Thanks for all the support we got at the recent TDU Convention. We narrowly lost our local election, but that fight is far from over.


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