Convoy 252 June/July 2008

Pension Protection Act: Brought to You by UPS

June 20, 2008: Right after the Pension Protection Act was passed in 2006, the New York Times warned “the new Pension Protection Act will do little to protect most Americans.”

A Workerless Warehouse?

June 20, 2008: Last November, Ralphs grocery announced plans to open an automated center in Paramount, Calif. by 2010.

Freight Teamsters in New Era

June 20, 2008: This is going to be a year of change for freight Teamsters: whether we end up stronger or weaker depends on how we deal with the changes that are coming.

Chicago Freight Teamsters Take a Stand

June 26, 2008: By a vote of 281-15, freight Teamsters in Chicago Local 705 passed a strike authorization vote that gave their negotiating team a strong message to take back to the bargaining table.

Members Spying on Members on the Rails?

June 20, 2008: All Teamsters want to work safely, without injury. But company programs that put the blame on union members—rather than unsafe working conditions—won’t make our jobs safer.

Hoffa Targets Local 624 for Trusteeship

June 20, 2008: The Hoffa administration has targeted Santa Rosa, Calif. Local 624 for a potential trusteeship. A trusteeship hearing was held on June 3 on charges of financial misconduct.

Chicago Local 714 in Trusteeship

June 12, 2008: On June 9 the International Union finally followed the recommendation of the Independent Review Board (IRB) and placed Chicago Local 714 into trusteeship.


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