Teamster Voice 281 September/October 2012

Chicago Power Play

August 22, 2012: Chicago Teamster honcho John Coli has used his muscle to install pal Becky Strzechowski at the helm of a 12,500-member local. It's the latest power grab by Coli who has set his sights on succeeding Hoffa.

UPS Freight Teamsters Discuss Contract

Negotiations for the next UPS Freight contract are set to commence in late September. When the contract was signed in 2008, we were told it was only a first contract, and the big issues would be dealt with next time. Now is the time!

UPS Freight: Second Class Teamsters?

August 30, 2012: In 2008, when we got our first contract, the International Union told us that it was a "foot in the door" and real gains would come next time.

Has ABF Pulled Out of NMFA?

UPDATED August 24, 2012: Some members are hearing from reports in industry journals that ABF has made a bargaining change.

Your Right to Get a Copy of Your Contract

UPDATED September 4, 2012: The Southern California master grocery contract, covering 5,000 Teamsters, was ratified in October 2010. But after two years, members still can't get a copy of their contract.

Coli Takes Over Local 700

UPDATED August 24, 2012: In addition to taking control of Local 700, John Coli expanded his empire this month when Joint Council 65 dissolved into Chicago Joint Council 25. Coli's JC now has another nine locals and 16,000 members.

Louisville Carhaulers Fight for Jobs

August 22, 2012: More than 100 Teamsters lost their jobs in a corrupt union-busting deal in Louisville. They're fighting back and may be headed to victory.

What Can Brown Do for Us?

August 24, 2012: We've delivered $4 billion in profits. UPS has taken care of its CEO Scott Davis. It's time to take make UPS deliver for us in the contract.


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