Teamster Voice 285 June 2013

Part-Time Poverty at UPS

May 24, 2013: UPS doesn't like TDU's End Part-Time Poverty at UPS T-shirts. But management is happy to have a five-year extension on part-time poverty in the contract.

UPS & Downs

May 24, 2013: Read the latest UPS news. Teamsters Take on UPS in Louisville, Central Region Loophole Still Wide Open, and more.

Local 804 Makes UPS Deliver

May 24, 2013: UPS Teamsters in New York win pension increases, more full-time jobs, and grievance procedure reform.

The UPS Contract and Rank & File Power

May 24, 2013: Contract negotiations started on a high note. UPS was making record profits. When the company demanded healthcare concessions, it was standing room only at Teamster rallies.

Winning a Strong Contract In Tough Times

May 24, 2013: With nonunion competition on the rise, 800 Teamster movers in New York City won contracts that protect their healthcare, reduce two-tier wage gaps, and put more union movers to work. Click here to read how.

Opposition Needs to Grow Now

June 7, 2013: A dangerous proposal that would change federal law to allow "deeply troubled" pension plans to slash the benefits of retirees could be introduced into Congress as soon as this summer.

Brown Sees Green on Pensions

May 24, 2013: UPS will save billions in lower pension costs during the life of the new contract as the company reaps the financial rewards of pension deals in the Central and Southern Regions and New England.


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