Teamster Voice 286 August/September 2013

Reformers Run for Office in Rhode Island

August 9, 2013: Teamsters in Providence, R.I. have been building a movement for change in Local 251. Now they are running for office as the United Action Slate.

Is YRC Going for a Two-Year Extension?

August 8, 2013: Reports indicate that YRC executives have asked Hoffa and Freight Director Tyson Johnson for a two-year extension to the present five-year deal, with a wage and pension freeze extending until 2017.  And Hoffa's appointee to YRC's board, Harry Wilson, is trying to broker the deal.

UPS Freight Teamsters Stand Strong

August 9, 2013: A 69% No Vote and a company that made billions in profits adds up to a strong bargaining position for our Teamster negotiating committee.

From Tough Talk to Contract Concessions

August 9, 2013: The UPS and UPS Freight contract negotiations were supposed to be the opening act in Ken Hall's bid to succeed Hoffa. But the show did not go according to script.

Contract Smoke & Mirrors: the Prequel

August 26, 2013: This is not the first time Ken Hall has played politics with members' contracts and turned contract negotiations into a scripted performance.

Standing Up to UPS

August 9, 2013: UPS Teamsters have shown they have more fight than Hoffa-Hall and the International Union when it comes to taking on concessions. After voting down 18 supplements, members are continuing to organize to rebuild union power at UPS.

Plan to Cut Pensions Coming to Congress

August 27, 2013: Workers' pensions are under attack. Chicago's mayor says earned pensions must be cut. Detroit has declared bankruptcy, and Michigan's governor says 21,000 retirees should pay the bill for it.


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