Teamster Voice 286 August/September 2013

Tips for Writing Grievances

August 19, 2013: Writing an effective grievance is the first step to winning and the foundation for your case. Avoid common mistakes with these Teamster Grievance Writing Tips.

Court Blocks the 30-minute break reg for city drivers

August 5, 2013: The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has upheld all of the new Hours of Service regulations for DOT-regulated trucking operations, except one: the requirement of a 30-minute break during the first eight hours of work for short-haul drivers.

Why is the U.S. DOL Re-Running the L.A. Local 848 Election?

August 15, 2013: There's a rerun election in the 5,000-member Local 848 in Los Angeles in progress, as a result of a federal lawsuit brought by the U.S. Labor Department due to serious election violations. The Labor Department is conducting the election.

Members Reject National Gate Gourmet Contract

August 14, 2013: After 8 months without a contract, Teamsters and UNITE HERE members at Gate Gourmet rejected a tentative agreement by the lopsided margin of 2,179 No to 742 Yes, in yet another national Hoffa-administration contract which the members think is a stinker.

TDU is Growing—Want to be Part of Making it Happen?

August 23, 2013: TDU is growing, and it's no secret why. The Hoffa-Hall IBT leadership has failed, and Teamsters who want to do something about it realize that as isolated individuals, we are powerless to change the union. The only way to make it happen is if we're organized: that's what Teamsters for a Democratic Union is all about.

Education for Union Power

August 16, 2013: Get the education and information we need to defend our rights, organize to win stronger contracts and rebuild Teamster Power.


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