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How You Can Help Beat Hoffa and Elect Teamsters United

Members are stepping up to help elect Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United.

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UPS is Happy with the Contract—How About You?

As the contract entered its fourth year, UPS announced it is on pace to make over $5 billion. Teamster Voice asked UPSers how the members are doing under the contract.

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"Everyone Can Do Something" - Interview on Organizing with Dave Bernt

Dave Bernt is a member of the Chicago Teamsters United Committee. Teamster Voice spoke with him about how they’ve been so successful and tips he has for other members.

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Running for Local Union Office

Running for local union office is a chance to do more than change the faces at the union hall. We can build stronger Teamster locals, improve representation, and elect officers who will stand up against the pension cuts and build Teamster power.

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Corruption Again?

While Teamster members fight concessions and pension cuts, the Hoffa administration is rocked by yet another corruption scandal.

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No Answer from Hoffa-Hall on UPS Freight Subcontracting

Teamsters speak out on runaway subcontracting at UPS Freight. 


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UPS Eyes Pension Cuts & Pension Fund Pullouts

The attack on UPS Teamster pensions goes beyond Central States.

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UPS’s Facebook Faceplant

Brown is forced to revise its illegal Social Media Policy.

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Teamster Election 2016

Teamsters United volunteers are organizing in their locals and gearing up for the Teamster Convention in June where Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United candidates will be nominated to run against the Hoffa-Hall slate this fall.

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With UPS Contracts in Chaos, Hoffa Heads to Singapore

We still haven’t heard a peep from Hoffa since UPS and UPS Freight Teamsters Voted No. Now, we know why. A few days after the ballot count, Hoffa and his top advisers skipped town for a 10-day trip to Singapore.

UPS Freight Teamsters: We have the power to win a good contract

The strong No vote delivered a message to UPS Freight management. Our leadership may be cozy with you – but we want a good contract. This is our chance to win the contract we deserve.

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