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Pension Cuts Hit UPS Teamsters In Southwest

UPS Teamsters in the Southwest thought they saved their health benefits by voting no. But they got stuck with an inferior health plan—and pension cuts too.

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Why TDU Backs Teamsters United

The Teamsters United team has shown in action that they are committed to making the changes our union needs.

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Carhaul Contract: One Year Later

Carhaulers are voting on a second contract offer, a full year after the contract expired on August 31, 2015. And guess what? It still has concessions in it.

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Teamster Pension Movement Plans for Victory

The fight to preserve Teamsters’ hard-earned pensions won a big victory when Treasury rejected the Central States proposed cuts. But the real fight to save pensions lies ahead.

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How You Can Help Beat Hoffa and Elect Teamsters United

Members are stepping up to help elect Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United.

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UPS is Happy with the Contract—How About You?

As the contract entered its fourth year, UPS announced it is on pace to make over $5 billion. Teamster Voice asked UPSers how the members are doing under the contract.

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"Everyone Can Do Something" - Interview on Organizing with Dave Bernt

Dave Bernt is a member of the Chicago Teamsters United Committee. Teamster Voice spoke with him about how they’ve been so successful and tips he has for other members.

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Running for Local Union Office

Running for local union office is a chance to do more than change the faces at the union hall. We can build stronger Teamster locals, improve representation, and elect officers who will stand up against the pension cuts and build Teamster power.

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Corruption Again?

While Teamster members fight concessions and pension cuts, the Hoffa administration is rocked by yet another corruption scandal.

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Arbitrator Waters Down 9.5 Rights at UPS

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