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During the Crisis of the Century, Hoffa Sides with Management

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Teamsters across the country have been thrust into an unexpected crisis of unforeseeable proportions. At UPS, no sooner did many of us find out that we were a part of the “essential workforce” than we were fighting on the shop floor to protect ourselves from the virus.  

All YRCW Teamsters in TeamCare Get Coverage Extended

A May 9 Memo from the IBT Freight Division reports that arrangements have been made so that both active YRCW employees and employees laid off after March 1 will have the full 8 weeks of “Layoff Coverage" going forward from May 10 to continue health care coverage, if they are in TeamCare (Central States H&W). This includes both employees who have been actively working and those who may have already used up some of the “layoff coverage.”...
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