Under Pressure, Hoffa Sends Letter to UPS’s CEO

Under pressure from the members, Hoffa has sent a letter to UPS denouncing the 70-hour work week. The International Union and our locals need to follow up with action.


Hoffa’s letter to David Abney, the CEO of UPS, denounces the company for unilaterally implementing a 70-hour work week “without any consultation” with Local Unions.

Hoffa’s letter says “We have instructed local unions to utilize all contractual and legal remedies available to protest the Company’s actions.”

This is quite a U-turn from last Friday, when Hoffa’s Package Division hung members out to dry with this pathetic memo, and then went home for the weekend.

Since then, thousands of outraged members signed an online petition issued by Teamsters United. 

New England Teamsters stopped UPS from unilaterally implementing the change and held coordinated parking lot meetings across the region. 

Hoffa was feeling the heat to do something. But is his letter a call to action or just damage control?

Hoffa can’t just punt the problem by “instructing local unions” to take action.

UPS put the International Union on notice—and we need a coordinated response from our International Union.

Local unions aren’t off the hook either. Hoffa has told them to use all contractual and legal means to fight the Company’s actions.

If UPS has unilaterally implemented the change in your building, what is your local doing about it?

Hoffa is clearly feeling the heat. But will Hoffa and the Package Division deliver results?

Members who are being forced to work 70 hours and six days a week need more than a letter to UPS. We need action.

UPS Teamsters are ready to stand up to the company. We need a union that will stand behind us.

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  • Cavell Armstrong
    commented 2017-12-13 21:34:52 -0500
    Im with the local 929 union at the PLCB and its guys here that are being forced to work 80 hours or more a week. We’re also mandatory to work on Saturdays when our contract states that our work week is 5 days a week Monday through Friday. We’re constantly getting screwed over by the company and our union and it time somebody do something about it but since we don’t work at ups or a well know company nothing happens. We’re being over worked and it’s starting to effect us physically and mentally to the point that we’re arguing and fighting amongst ourselves.
  • Darrelyn Becker
    commented 2017-12-06 02:48:33 -0500
    Hoffa needs to protect our families now. Today is the future. We need our husbands and families together during this holiday time. I guarantee his family is together with their 15 million dollar bonus……nice Christmas UPS….so much for taking care of your dedicated employees…..its been too long….someone is watching over us….time to pay I forward and take care of your people. you should be ashamed of yourself…
  • Teamsters for a Democratic Union
    published this page in News 2017-12-05 14:31:05 -0500
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