UPS Contract is In Effect—Now What?

The new UPS contract is now in effect for five years. This whole ugly process has exposed the need for new leadership and a new direction in our International Union.

Hoffa’s Package Division ratified the contract after a clear majority voted No, by using the two-thirds rule. They used the same loophole to impose a number of supplements.

UPS Teamsters can stop this from ever happening again, but only if we work together.

Join Us in Organizing for Change

The Vote No movement proved that a majority of us want change. We won’t stop organizing until we have a union that fights for us. Here are three next steps for UPSers in 2019.

1) Elect Teamsters Who Will Stand Up to UPS

UPSers are moving from Vote No to vote them out. More members are running for office in local unions this fall and next year. Contact TDU for information and advice.

2) Close the Two-Thirds Loophole for Good

TDU and UPS Teamsters United will also work to repeal the two-thirds rule in the IBT constitution, so that it can never be used again to impose givebacks.

The Teamster Constitution can be amended at the next Teamster Convention and every local union will hold an election to choose their Convention Delegates.

3) New Leadership at the IBT

We will also organize for the International Union election which starts next year.

We are getting ready now by holding local get-togethers of UPSers who Voted No to talk about how we can organize for change.

We will meet this fall at the TDU Convention to discuss endorsing candidates for International Union office.

Join Us in Organizing for Change

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  • David Boucher
    commented 2019-05-02 07:21:30 -0400
    It has been less than a year since I retired but I hadn’t heard about the company relaxing their personal appearance guidelines. Both of the unshaven drivers in the picture would have either been told to shave before going on road or sent home.
  • Jim Cochran
    commented 2019-04-29 16:12:32 -0400
    Doesn’t really matter at this point.. King Pat got his way and so did ups. King Pat will continue to screw the people of Central PA until we get Fred and Sean elected and hope they will step in and remove the king. As for the contract “it is what it is” I see good and bad in it. We as a group need to deal with it and move on with the hopes the King either gets removed or retires. I did hear something really funny last week, I was told the king is screwing his secretary. The funny part is even the company knows it. Lets all hope one day his wife finds out and makes him retire. In summary the king isn’t only F___ the members he is also F___ his secretary.
  • Frank
    commented 2019-04-29 15:18:54 -0400
    We all know what is going to happen in Central PA. Thanks to Pat Conners we are going to get screwed… I will say I never met this guy but everyone that I have spoken to tells me the same thing “he screws everyone not in his local” This guy talks shit about Hoffa, Taylor, Sean O’Brien and Fred. Nobody is as good at his job as him. He told some of his people in Scranton that Taylor will screw up the ups contract, then he sucked up to Taylor and became buds now he says O’Brien is not a Teamsters and is no good. This guy (Conners) is a piece of crap and a sell out.
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