UPS Contract Unity Signs

Order your signs to build Teamster unity and send the company the message that we won’t accept contract givebacks or a weak deal.

No-2-tier-FB_thumb.JPGUPS made $5 billion last year. But the company is demanding givebacks and a substandard contract.

The new Contract Unity signs from UPS Teamsters United are a great way to raise members’ awareness of company demands that we need to defeat.

Order Your Signs from UPS Teamsters United

Slogans include:

  • No Givebacks. No Exceptions. No Excuses.
  • No Two-Tier Hybrid Drivers
  • Stop Harassment – If They Don’t Deliver, We Don’t Deliver
  • Stop Excessive Overtime
  • Ready to Vote No if We Have To
  • Ready to Strike If We Have To
  • Protect, Preserve & Improve Our Pensions & Healthcare
  • Part-Time Raises!
  • 10,000 22.3 Jobs
  • Stop Subcontracting

Order your signs today to get them on time for contract crunch time.





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October 17, 2007: Management and some union officials are selling the UPS Pension Plan in the Central States areas on the basis that it offers unreduced 25- and 30-and-out benefits of $2,000 and $3,000 respectively. That’s true, but also a very short term gain. Looking into the future, this pension will pay less than Central States will pay, and far less than the Western Conference will pay. These are the two largest Teamster plans and...

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