West Coast Teamsters Fight for the 99%

December 2, 2011: Teamsters have joined protests in support of the 99% movement up and down the West Coast. In Los Angeles, Teamsters demonstrated at the airport in solidarity with Qantas workers.

In Portland, Local 206 Teamsters have been a fixture at Occupy Portland protests and marches.

On Nov. 17, union members and Occupy Portland protesters shut down the Steel Bridge—with the help of the Local 206 tractor trailer.

The protest was part of national actions to draw attention to crumbling infrastructure and the need for infrastructure spending that would put people to work.

Another Teamster tractor trailer—this one Joint Council 7—turned out to support Occupy Oakland protesters.

“It’s all about fighting back against the war on workers,” said International Union Vice President Rome Aloise. “The Occupy movement has helped focus the issue on something our members have known all along. The problem isn’t the unions, it’s the corporations that hate us and would love to get rid of us.”


Teamster Voice