Will Officers Oppose Central States Pension Cuts?

Hundreds of Teamster officers and representatives have been summoned by Central States for a meeting Friday, October 2 where there may be an announcement regarding proposed pension cuts. 


Retired and active Teamsters who have been building the campaign to prevent any proposed cuts will also gather on the sidewalk outside the Donald Stephens convention center in Rosemont, Illinois. They will ask all Teamster officers and reps to stand with them in opposition to the cuts.

General President Hoffa has written a letter to Thomas Nyhan outlining his opposition. Will local officers and representatives join Hoffa and speak out in solidarity with Teamster members and retirees?

You can download a leaflet promoting the rally to Defend Our Pensions.    

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    i see that they are going to leave disable and 80 and over alone i am 73 and can not find any one who will give me a job.they want to cut $3661.74 to$1896.15 this will impact people who will have to buy there own health plans
  • commented 2015-10-04 10:58:24 -0400
    I would like to know what Locals ,opposed the changes and those that said nothing!
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