YRCW Contract Vote

January 8, 2014. 6:30 p.m. The first day at the YRCW ballot count has ended, and the count will resume tomorrow morning at 8 am.

While no votes have been counted yet, the ballots opened and stacked so far indicate that the proposed contract extension may well be going down to defeat.

Today was spent processing, sorting into local union trays, and some ballots have been opened and stacked, including in some of the largest locals. The No stacks are piled high for Dallas Local 745, Atlanta Local 728, Chicago Locals 705 and 710, and some other large locals. Some locals tilt toward yes, but mainly smaller ones.

The ballots will be run through the counter tomorrow. They will be counted by Local Union.

The post office estimate of ballots was about 19,600. That number is subject to correction when ballots are counted later, and reflects about a 75% turnout.

The count supervisor, Ed Hartfield, estimates that the count will be completed on Thursday afternoon and the outcome will be known then.

This site will be updated as information becomes available. Stay tuned.  We will post results by local union after they are available.