IBT to UPS Freight Teamsters: The Sound of Silence

July 3, 2013: It's been over a week since UPS Freight Teamsters stood together from coast to coast and said no to the company's ridiculous first offer. Where did Ken Hall and our Teamster leadership go? 

Brother Hall, this is no time to disappear. We have given you the leverage you need to tell UPS Freight that the Teamster rank and file—against the unanimous recommendation of you and the negotiating committee—stood strong. 

Tell them that to get a contract, they need to meet our reasonable demands:

  • Language banning subcontracting of Teamster work, and no substandard LHD board.
  • Pension improvements: raise the accrual to keep pace with inflation.
  • No premiums for health insurance: Why is our contract the only Teamster trucking contract that forces members to pay premiums?
  • Raises of $1/hour each year—or at least match the UPS package raises, as we did in the first contract.

If they do, we will continue doing the outstanding work that Teamsters are capable of. And if they refuse, we will stand ready to say No even louder.

Time for Members to Step Forward

Now is the time to make a difference. Let's show management that members are informed, organized and ready to Vote No again if necessary to win a fair contract.

You can download a leaflet on the issues to distribute at your terminal and on the road.

Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) is looking for concerned UPS Freight Teamsters who want to work together to win contract improvements. Click here to contact TDU with your questions or to get involved today.

We can and will win—if we keep building solidarity.

You can see the local-by-local chart of votes here.



Dont forget about the progression. 3 year  progression wanting to go to a 4 year ....another year to cheat people from their hard work and providing for their family.....hire new people to come in and be making as much or more in some cases then peolple who have already started their ridiculous low paying progression. Turn it around... 2year progression is more than the average out there for anyone..bring the current peolpe up to full rate as they do with their work loads. 4 years...as if they were attending college...please. another way for them to take advantage of people trying to provide for their families. Slap in the face again from UPS and turn around behind you ....now let Ken Hall slap you. 

8 hours regular pay. over eight per day is overtime for all classification (office, driver, dock) . Sunday pay , holiday pay and over forty hour pay per work week. Pay for all work perfomed. No monthly premiums for benifits and a choice for PPO HMO or any other without extra premiums. No outside workers touching are customers freight or are epuipment, if needed to perform said extra work at last minute notice all available company union employees shall be exhausted first before reaching out for extra workers to satisfy company service agreements. imediate 24 hour penalties for all finacial awards for greivances, payroll mistakes or any other employee pay that is awarded. Senoirity rules to be clarified in all aspects of job duties example: a senority employee not getting there gaurantee should be able to bump a lesser senoirity empoyee in same job classification ( this is currently causing empoyees of senoirity to not beable to work). With casual employees if they are qualified let them pickup and deliver or transportation of freight for any extra last minute work and if said  work persist company can make a new bid available. Raises per 6 month period to be more substantial. Guarantee to be for all fulltime empoyees not for a percentage of them None Negotiatable.

1\52 across the board for vacations. And a choice for overtime, by seniority only.

If we want to demand a good contract we must stay focused and together. We are going to hear a variety of talking points designed to intimidate us and convince us to settle. As long as we stay strong and communicate across the country we'll get this done the right way. We alone have to live with the results. Be united, stay united.

The UPSF workers in Cincinnati were told on Monday that UPS Freight does not have an extension. UPS has decided to start the fight with our freight brothers. With or without an extension, after August 1st UPSF works under the current contract. But, get ready for UPS to pull some shit, threats of layoff, threats of lock out. 

Don't Blink, Don't back down, now is the time you have worked so hard for. The Brothers & Sisters in Packages have your backs!!