If Hoffa Really Cares About Teamster Pensions...

June 29, 2015: Teamsters and retirees across the union are battling to save our earned pension credits. If Hoffa's on our side, here's how he can show it.

On June 18, 150 retirees converged on Washington to support the introduction of the Keep Our Pension Promises Act.  

Hoffa served on the board of the NCCMP in 2014, which drafted and lobbied for the pension cut legislation. But he sent International VP John Murphy to the Capitol on June 18 to support its repeal.

If Hoffa is serious about protecting our pensions, he needs to show it with action, not just words.

Three Simple Steps Hoffa can Take Right Now

  • Post an Open Letter to the Central States Trustees and Director, asking them to temporarily hold off initiating pension cuts, and back our work on the Promises Act.
  • Send a letter to all U.S. Local Unions and retiree clubs, asking them to voice support to all US Senators and Congressional Reps in their respective areas. And ask them to call on Central States Trustees to do the right thing.
  • Send a blast email calling on all Teamsters and retirees to join this fight. 

So far, we have not seen these minimal, low-cost steps taken. We call upon the Hoffa administration to take action now. And then go on to help mobilize for a mass mobilization in Washington D.C.

Teamsters and retirees are working together with allies to save our pensions. We expect our International union to be on our side – with actions, as well as press releases.

Find out what’s in the Promises Act

Watch Teamster Retiree Frank Bryant speak at the Capitol on June 18.

You can stay informed on the pension movement and you can help make it happen by Joining TDU.


I am perplexed by the fact that a great opportunity to put a stop to a tragic pending event, that is the reduction of our hard earned pensions, is going virtually unnoticed by the two parties that could bring to bear the most influence on it. Central States Pension Fund Director, Thomas Nyhan and Teamster President, James P Hoffa are as usual not to be found at a time when there leadership and more importantly influence is most urgently needed. Mr Nyhan visited capital hill many times in the past asking for a solution to the impending problem and now when one has been presented with one he is content to go along with what appears to be his goal all along, take the easy way out that was presented last December instead of standing up for the rights of the very people who he is beholding to. I have seen nowhere that anyone from CentralStates has commented on the pending legislation know as Keep our Pension Promises Act that I and many others attended the announcement of this past June in Washington DC. I would have thought Mr. Nyhan would have been elated to see someone in the federal government finally put forth a solution to the funding problems as he had many times ask for in the past. Where are you hiding Mr. Nyhan? Could you be with Mr. Hoffa, that champion of the working man, that crusader of fairness, and standard barer of hard working men and women……………………oh wait….. THAT Mr. Hoffa is no longer with us. We now have the other Hoffa! It must be awful crowed under that desk they are hiding under. Where are the speeches about fairness and equality and the rights of retirees and our hard working brothers and sisters and there future?  Thousands of people and there lively hoods will be effected by your silence; i'm beginning to wonder who's side you guys are really on.