No Protection from New Technology and Production Harassment

August 11, 2010: Drivers are paying the cost for another Hoffa-Hall surrender in bargaining—this time over the language on technology and discipline.

Telematics is like an OJS every day. Hoffa and Hall watered down contract language to protect drivers from new technology.Brown’s new telematics system increases surveillance and pushes drivers even harder on production.

The technology enables management to track drivers at all times by combining data from the DIAD and more than 200 sensors mounted on the package car.

Telematics amounts to a daily OJS without a manager ever getting in your truck.

UPS started field testing this technology before the last contract negotiations were started so Hoffa and Hall were well aware of the coming problem. But they dropped proposed contract language that would have protected Teamster drivers from harassment and unfair discipline.

This language would have prohibited the company from using information obtained solely from the DIAD, GPS or any monitoring technology as evidence that an employee violated the contract or any company policy.

But in their contract deal, Hoffa and Hall watered down this protection. Article 6 is loaded with loopholes. It only protects members from discharge based on GPS or telematics “on a first offense.” Even this weak protection goes out the window if management claims “dishonesty.”

Management has been using the “dishonesty” loophole to terminate members for “lying” when they give the wrong answer to questions about mis-sheeted packages and other petty violations. And management is conducting virtual OJS’s using telematics to harass drivers, threaten discipline, and demand higher stop counts.

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The company has us all under a micriscipe here , nitpicking thru drivers days and asking ridiculous questions regarding productivity . "Why is it taking you 30 - 45 seconds to open the bulkhead door thru out the day ? "  Or why the door is open so long . or why am I backing eown so many streets . Or the hot one right now is idle time . They came up with the number that you should not be idling the truck more than 38 minutes in the course of a day ... and then they will look as to why if you are . I am so glad I am retiring in the next year , God bless you all.

We do not yet have any trucks with telematics, but our sups are getting us ready by following us repeatedly and asking us to account for our days minute by minute. Three drivers have been fired for stealing time/dishonesty because of this in the last few weeks. Once we get telematics, we are all in for it with the weak union we have. The one driver was fired based solely on the word of one sup over 30-60 seconds that a conversation went over following the stop completion with the owner of the stop! It is getting ugly. We were able to get him back to work unfortunately with a time-worked suspension, but we are fighting for two more drivers now. Anyone else dealing with this - any tips? Any ways that you have won. Our BA wants them to fight it out to panel and not except any suspension, but that means two months without pay for these employees. The one admitted to socializing for almost 15 minutes and was offered a ten day suspension which he turned down. Any advice welcome.