Hoffa-Hall’s October Surprise at UPS

September 20, 2011: After years of ignoring runaway production harassment and 9.5 violations, the Hoffa administration is launching a desperate effort to save face with UPS Teamsters before the ballots go out on Oct. 6.

Hoffa’s own polls show that UPS Teamsters across the country are fed up with production harassment and are backing Sandy Pope.

Click here to read more at Sandy Pope's campaign website.


The Teamsters need new leadership in the marble palace. How can we organize any new company's when our own house is not in order.
If Hoffa/Hall really cared they would have done this right after the last election.

i have been a teamster for 20 years, even suported the 1997 strike. we won fulltime jobs and im grateful i got one of them. in the last few years we have lost fulltime jobs. those positions werent filled due to a person leaving the company or getting terminated. year after year those cases go to national grievance panels, but never heard. time for a NEW teamsters president