Don't Just Get Mad. Get Even

May 20, 2011: Freight Teamsters continue to face an uncertain future.

Meanwhile, Hoffa and freight director Tyson Johnson have gone from “monitoring the situation” to having nothing to say. The International Union is MIA in the freight industry.

International officials are the trustees of major pension funds, but tell members they have nothing to do with pension cuts or policies.

Thirteen years of Hoffa is long enough. Freight Teamsters have seen what Hoffa’s version of power and pride deliver and it’s a pathetic sight. They need leadership and Hoffa has proven again and again he doesn’t have it.

Don’t just get mad. Get even. Do your part by joining TDU today.

Let’s Send Hoffa Packing

“To say Teamsters at YRC and Holland are mad about what’s happening with our reduced pensions is an understatement.

“Members are steaming that our retirement is in jeopardy while Zollars is all set with a golden parachute and Hoffa gets a cushy pension.

“It’s time to get even. Get Sandy Pope elected and send Hoffa packing.”

Mike Miles, Holland Road Driver Local 100, Cincinnati


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