Fast Food Workers Strike for Higher Wages

May 16, 2014: Fast food workers across the country and around the world went on strike on May 15 for higher wages and workers’ rights.

Thousands of fast-food workers took part in the one-day strike. They are demanding living wages of $15 an hour.

The Fast Food Worker movement is expanding since the first one-day strikes last year.  Philadelphia, Sacramento, Miami and Orlando saw their first fast food walkouts.

Actions were held in 150 cities in the United States and in 33 countries around the globe. 

"We've gone global," said Ashley Cathey, a McDonald's worker from Memphis, Tenn., who makes $7.75 an hour after six years on the job.

The fight for $15 in the fast food industry comes at the same time as the movement grows to raise the minimum wage at the local, state and federal level. 

Watch Fast Food strikers debate a financial commentator on the Daily Show who says the minimum wage should be kept as low as possible or eliminated altogether.