Five Things You Can Do to Elect Sandy Pope

October 28, 2011: Teamsters still have two weeks left to vote for Sandy Pope. What we do in the next week can help win this election.

So far 195,045 ballots have been returned. There are many more Teamsters who are upset with the direction of our union—but they’re not going to vote unless they hear from a Teamster like you.

“I’m going to keep campaigning till the end,” Sandy Pope told a conference call last night. In the past two days, Pope has reached out to Teamsters at UPS, grocery, waste, hospitals, and public employees.

The campaign has developed new flyers you can use to reach out to Teamsters. Amadeo Bianchi has been talking to UPS part-timers in Miami: "These part-timers are sick of $8.50 an hour and being treated like dirt. They’re voting for Sandy Pope."

Over the weekend and all next week, Sandy Pope supporters will be turning out the vote.

Here are five things you can do next week to help elect Sandy Pope:

  • Bring leaflets to work. Pass them out at the gate and leave copies in the break room.
  • Pick one workplace near where you work, and take leaflets there.
  • Send a simple text message to every Teamster in your phone. “Mail in your ballot for Sandy Pope for Teamster General President. Thanks for voting. Pass this msg on.”
  • Put up new pole stickers near where you work.
  • Email every Teamster you know. And tell your friends why you’re voting for Sandy Pope on Facebook.

Can you help next week? Click here to contact TDU and let us know what you will do.