Frequently Asked Questions about the Teamster Vote

October 17, 2011: Get the answers to common questions about the election process for Teamster President.

Sandy Pope talks to a UPS worker in Chicago.Who will count the ballots? Does Sandy Pope get observers?

The count is conducted by an independent election officer, the Office of the Election Supervisor. Election Supervisor staff attorneys are picking up the ballots each day and taking them directly to a secure facility.

No ballots will be opened until the count begins on November 14. The sealed ballots are being sorted by Local Union and placed into trays in the secure facility.

Sandy Pope has observer rights at all stages of the process, including at the count.

Can I be an observer?

You can be an observer for the Sandy Pope campaign (or the Gegare or Hoffa campaigns), if they designate you. Contact the campaign if you are interested. The count will start on November 14 and run 4-5 days. The votes will be counted by Local Union, with the count reported for each local as they go.

Is it too late to campaign? Hasn’t everyone voted already?

Absolutely not. Fewer than 10% of members have voted so far. Ballots can be received right up to the morning of November 14.

Is it easy to get a duplicate ballot? Do you have to give a reason?

It is very easy. Call (877) 317-2011 and request one. They will ask your name, local and last four digits of your SSN. You do not need a special reason. You can even change your mind about your vote. If a voter casts two ballots, the one with the later postmark counts and the other will be discarded.

Why did they change from a secret ballot envelope to a secret ballot sleeve? Is my vote secret?

The ballot envelopes are opened by a mechanical slitter, while observers are present. The slitter split apart a number of ballots in the last election, which slowed the process as they had to be taped together.

The vote is absolutely secret. The Hoffa administration has no access to the ballots, and the mail envelopes are not opened until the count proceeds, with observers present.

Teamsters for a Democratic Union is the watchdog group that won the Right to Vote for Teamster President.

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