The Health Care Issues

Under the tentative agreement, 140,000 UPS Teamsters will no longer get healthcare coverage through a company plan, beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

This will result in much higher deductibles, more out-of-pocket costs and lower coverage for 140,000 Teamsters.  And the cost to retirees would go up as well.

Most Teamsters across the country currently in a company plan will be moved to an enhanced Central States C-6 plan under this agreement.

Teamster locals in California and New Jersey Local 177 have until November 1, 2013 to come up with an alternative plan for those members, per a Memorandum of Understanding  Members in these locals are being asked to vote on the national contract with no details on what their healthcare or retiree healthcare plan would be. 

You can download and review a benefits chart for the enhanced Central States C-6 Plan, which would cover many thousands of Teamsters from various regions if the tentative agreement is approved. This chart is being distributed by the International Union.

We encourage Teamsters to carefully review the health and welfare coverage, as well as the contract, and ask questions at your contract meeting. 

What are the biggest proposed coverage changes and how would they impact you? TDU is collecting information from concerned Teamsters. Click here to send us a message.

Retiree Healthcare

Under the tentative agreement, UPS Teamsters will no longer get retiree healthcare coverage through a company plan, beginning Jan. 1, 2014. 

Click here for more information on Retiree Healthcare changes.

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I am not happy about the new healthcare changes. With two small children that need to go to the dr regulary, we will be spending more money on deductables and out of pocket exspenses. This will mean less money every month to pay everything else, which seem to be costing more and more all the time.

UPS just dumped their biggest cost on to the union next to pensions. They must be praying daily we are foolish enough to take the costs on our backs. Hall you better haul back to the table and get us another deal.

When will the enhanced Central States C-6 Plan Summary Plan Description be available? The single-imaged overview of coverage is a very vague description of coverage.
For instance, are the co-payment(s) and/or co-insurance(s) applied toward the deductible?

Another example is that I only pay a $10 co-pay for an MRI. What will it be under the C-6 Plan?

There is not ANY mention of Behavioral Health Benefits. What does it cover and who will be the administrator?  

There are too many unknowns. We need details to provide an objective judgment if we are to consider this change to our health plan.

All that big tough talk from ken hall about us not paying a dime for our health care was a bunch of BS!! This handing our health care over to the teamsters is pure insane nonsense, the deductibles are gonna go way up, it'll be as screwed up as that shitty obamacare ,  what a joke, this isn't gonna fly and the members better vote this crap down.!!  Some great bargaining hall ,you think we're all stupid enough to believe our healthcare isn't going to go down the toilet along with skyrocketing deductibles and costs ,,terrible and unacceptable it is

You right, we not paying a dime outta our pockets, we paying dollars after all the deductibles and bigger copays. Then the teamsters going to complain just like UPS about high health care costs and I bet they either raise our dues or make bigger deductibles or some other nonsense. What fool do teamster negotiators take us for. NO! Go back and get a real contract with real wages and company health care plans.

It is sad to see the union negotiating our contract with ups but putting the needs of our brothers above ours.  I am gone from home 12 hrs a day to provide for my family and I resent having to subsidize somebody else's lifestyle. My son has aspergers and we face the probability of  bills reaching $1,000 or more monthly under this new healthcare plan. We have to find a way to stop this train wreck from happening

Where does it say in the contract the union wont raise our deductibles and maybe our dues to cover the rising cost of healthcare? Healthcare costs MUST remain on UPS!! Who in their right mind would negotiate to take on the cost of rising health care on to the back of our union? We can't negotiate with ourselves if the costs go up - the company needs to keep this burden along with their profits that go up every quarter from the sweat of our brothers and sisters. To me this is a deal breaker for the union to take on health care costs, our coverage needs to come FROM the company. Brothers and sisters we will never shift this burden back to UPS if we accept the union bearing healthcare now. I vote NO!

Are Hall and Hoffa saying we won't be paying for healthcare because it won't be in the form of premiums? 

Instead we will be paying deductables, co-pays for doctor visits, higher costs for lab tests and procedures, x-rays, mri, emergency room visits. Never mind the sky rocketed cost of our RX through this 'new plan'. Lower dental and eye care will also add to our healthcare costs.

When will I know if my doctors are even covered in "Teamcare"?

As the cost of healtcare rises, does that mean the union will cut our healthcare even more? Or will they "reallocate" our wage increases to go towards our healtcare. I surmise that is why there is no longer split raises the first three years of the contract.

The union should be ashamed of themselves for thinking we are gullible enough to believe this is a contract that improves and protects our health and livelihood. 

I have never seen UPS do anything that didn't 'make' them money.  Giving up the healthcare to the Union is huge.  With the cost of healthcare rising, they KNOW it will cost much more than projected.  Also, what are we going to do with the 'right to work' states and many who jump out of the union.  Will our due go up?  Will the teamsters say they can't afford our healthcare anymore so it must be changed.  Who will watch how the teamsters 'spend' the money? 


If you can not definitively answer these questions, then vote NO.



It's all business negotiated at our expense.  I bet the top doggs who are doing the negotiating will receive top of the line coverage.  There is no way that anyone would vote in favor of this.  If it passes, it's due to political treachery.  But it will also show the people that the Teamsters don't give a damn about the members.

This is bull care, hell no..I don't trust you with my health care, and we have to go to CVS only..are you kidding me..this is the worst contract I have seen in my 17 yrs.

Now we get even less coverage, have to pay more. This is strictly about money, in UPS favor. They aren't doing us any favors and neither is any Union official thimking about doing this. I've only been here 9 years and have not seen anything but concessions from union to UPS.

we were told from our local that nobody from central states would come and talk to us about healthcare until we ratify the contract, i don't think so  vote no

Someone please tell me I am reading this wrong. According to article 34 sec 5 paragraph F- if costs for our healthcare exceed company payments money can be diverted from our pension funding to cover the difference. I sure hope I am just reading this wrong

It's incredible that the union pushed for ratification of this contract in any way, shape, or form. This is a concessionary contract from the most profitable shipping company on the planet. UPS is making tons of profit every quarter... and that is fantastic, yet they want to take away from the people that make them so profitable. Unfortunately, the International is actually endorsing this. The workers in the 'Right to Work for Nothing' states will ratify anything the COMPANY tells them to, and now the union is backing this garbage. UPS can afford to take care of their employees and retirees, they just don't want to. And the union is letting/helping them get away with it. Shame shame.