Hoffa’s Vegas Show: A Snoozer

June 30, 2011: Hoffa has run the convention as a five-day show of testimonials, videos, speeches and praise for himself and his administration. Hoffa delegates frequently drift from the hall, and the casino fills up with the “red vest” Hoffa supporters by mid-afternoon.

Hoffa accepting nomination for General President.Hoffa accepting nomination for General President.A number of delegates commented that if the members were here, they would be furious at the disconnect between the reality back home and the its-all-great show put on here. And this show costs millions of dues dollars to produce.

A number of resolutions were presented, which all expressed good union sentiment and passed unanimously. But notably lacking were action plans to back up the resolutions.

There were two “surprise announcements” at the convention. First, the Hoffa administration announced on Tuesday that just one day earlier, they won “card check” rights to unionize clerks at UPS Freight. There was no mention of the fact that UPS is cutting Teamster clerk jobs.

On Wednesday, Freight Director Tyson Johnson made a “surprise announcement” that Bill Zollars would be leaving YRC. This was promised to members last fall when the third concession vote was taken, but that fact was glossed over in the hoopla.