Hoffa Running Mate Found Guilty, Fined Again

June 28, 2011: Rome Aloise, an International Vice President running on the Hoffa slate, has been found guilty of using his union power to punish a member who dared to criticize his candidacy.

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Aloise was fined $5,000 and ordered to mail at his expense a notice to all members of Oakland California Local 853. The Election Supervisor, in a decision issued today, noted that Aloise is a repeat-violator of the Rules and of members’ rights. Aloise was forced to refund $25,705 and fined $3,856 in an earlier decision, issued December 22, 2010.

In April, Aloise illegally brought union charges against Roger Bales, a rank and file member of Local 853, because Bales criticized him. Aloise then held a hearing of the Local 853 Executive Board, which promptly found Bales guilty. The Election Supervisor’s decision corrected this injustice.

The E.S. also ruled that all six other members of the Local 853 Executive Board were clearly biased, as they are donors to the Hoffa-Aloise campaign. Thus they violated the Rules as well. This is an important precedent.

Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) attorney Barbara Harvey submitted a brief to the Election Supervisor of behalf of Bales.