Hoffa Says Lets Run a Clean Election. We Agree.

June 27, 2011: Today Hoffa supporters at the Teamsters Convention called on all Teamster candidates to run a clean election—and we couldn’t agree more.

The section of the resolution on “Vision, Solidarity, Action” reads:

“Teamster leaders who are delegates to this 28th Convention will make every effort in the course of the next six months of campaigning for International Union office to refrain from public pronouncements that can be used by the enemies of workers to undermine the strength of our union and our common fight to Stop the War on Workers.”

The resolution was raised and voted upon in the Monday morning session of the Convention. Hoffa did not give delegates an opportunity to discuss the resolution.

Most Teamsters would agree we need a clean election without lies or mud-slinging.

Hoffa can start by taking down the two websites he created to spread lies about Local 805 and Sandy Pope.

A clean election doesn’t mean we can’t debate the issues—and it doesn’t mean that Hoffa gets a pass on his thirteen-year record of failure.

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